Do you like free shit? No wait ofc you do.

I bought the Persona 4 one coin figs and, quite obviously, that means I got all of them. Some I’m keeping, some are going to friends, but I still have one I would like to put out for a giveaway. This guy.

  • What can I win??? One (1) P4 Adachi one coin fig.
  • How?? You get 1 Reblog and 1 Like. I figure that’s fair, since not everyone has time to reblog this 10 times or w/e, and that way you only have to do it once.
  • You don’t need to follow me to win. Like seriously, don’t follow me because of this. 90% of what I post isn’t even P4 or Atlus stuff.
  • Obviously, you must have your ask open so I can contact you. If you’re not comfortable giving out your address and/or can’t have stuff mailed to you, obviously this isn’t really the type of thing for you. Since Adachi is small don’t worry about where you live, though. Shipping will most likely be cheap for anywhere.
  • If you win and I contact you, you’ll have one week to reply/gimme your address or I’ll pick another winner. Though if your sidebar says ur on vacay or hiatus or something I’ll probs give you a break cause I ain’t a dick.
  • If you want to reblog this to a sideblog you have like a blog you use just for giveaway stuff, your main blog is gonna have to be linked or mentioned somewhere, preferably in the sidebar. Obviously this is so I can 1. find you and 2. make sure nobody cheats. Because cheating is bad. Don’t do it bros.
  • Giveaway ends 8/16, one month from now. That date is hilarious to me but who cares why.  On that day I’ll put the notes into a random number generator and the one it picks wins. Simple enough, yes?
  • The above photo of Kanji and Crossdressing Souji are not for giveaway, those are mine. They are just there so you can see the size of these figs compared to some other stuff like my Madoka nendo.
  • if you have any q’s my main blog is noon, i just put this here so my dash won’t be full of giveaway notes. 
  • i think that is everything have fun.
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